ICS Day was brought to you by these clubs:


We are the official student government for the Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences. We seek to improve the lives of students academically, professionally and socially through events we hold. Website:


We are UCI's student chapter for the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), the world's largest educational and scientific computing society. As a student chapter, we focus on the professional and intellectual development of our members through programming challenges and theoretical discussions. Come check out the ACM booth to try your hand at some algorithmic brainteasers and learn more about our upcoming events. Website:


Management Information Student Society is an organization that is tailored to the interests of students interested in Business & Technology. Our organization was established by a group of Business Information Management students in Fall 2010, and is an official UC Irvine organization as of January 3, 2011. Our club fosters long-standing relationships among peers and faculty within the Donald Bren School of ICS and Paul Merage School of Business. We strive on building a community for those that have a passion for business and technology. Not only do we aim to build a community and maintain relationships, but we also strive to provide our members with opportunities for career and academic development. We distinguish our organization from other organizations because we focus on both community and professionalism. Most other organizations focus on one, not both. Please visit our website at


The Video Game Development Club (VGDC) is dedicated to the buffing of portfolios, enhancing of skills, and connection to industry professionals. We always have a set of projects circulating to keep our members working on something to better their portfolios (a couple of which we will be showcasing at ICS Day!). Our officers run workshops, ranging from 3D art to programming to project management) weekly to help ease new members in and hone the skills of older members. We've set up events like Game Developer's Week (GDW), which was UCI's very own implementation of Game Developer's Conference (GDC). We pulled in speakers from the area, mainly from Obsidian and Blizzard, to give speeches that would normally be given at a conference such as GDC. We don't play games, we make them. Website:


WICS is a non-profit organization at UC Irvine established to help women in computer-related fields pursue college degrees and successful careers in the industry. We provide professional and technical workshops, academic tutoring, leadership and team building projects, as well as numerous opportunities for women to connect with companies and alumni, so that they are the most competitive candidates among their peers. We host peer-networking and mentorship events to foster community and to inspire collaboration on extracurricular projects. We strive to offer the resources UCI women in computing need to excel in their degrees from freshman to senior year and to be well- equipped for their careers. To learn more about WICS, visit our website at

Hack @ UCI

Hack is an ICS club established to promote and educate UCI students on hacker culture, which includes engaging in intellectual challenges, pushing innovation, and overcoming limits of computing. Our main goal is to expose students to the world of technology outside of school.


IEEE UCI offer workshops, company information sessions, tech talks and other opportunities to assist in professional development. We are all geeks at heart and encourage technical exploration and creativity by providing an open lab where students are free to work on projects, collaborate with other students, and study in a healthy environment.


The Association of Gamers is a club dedicated to fostering a fun and interactive community of individuals within UC Irvine and the surrounding area. Starting off as the League of Legends @ UCI in 2011, TAG has grown to include many other gaming varieties. There are several divisions within our organization that cater to a wide array of players, so there's definitely a place for everyone!

Cyber @ UCI

Cyber at UCI is the only student-run cybersecurity organization at UCI. Our mission is to teach about cyber security and to provide networking and support for students involved in security competitions by forming teams, learning together, and having a good time. Join the us on Slack at